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You Were There
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Yesterday, I came even though it was late. It was because I wanted to see you. I thought "I haven't seen you for weeks. I want to see you badly." To my surprise, you weren't there. I was expecting I would see you. Again, today, I happily went there early. I was not surprised. I sat somewhere with a vacant seat beside my seat. I thought "That vacant chair is for you when you come." I waited. Suddenly, someone sat on the seat that I was saving for you. I thought "Wait a minute, that seat is taken!"

Time passed. You weren't there yet. My mobile phone rang. It was my sister. I went outside the room. I waited for my sister to call again. She didn't. I thought "I'm going in! That girl!"

Suddenly, time stopped.

You passed right in front of me.

I thought "You're here?"

You didn't notice me. I entered the room. I didn't know where you were seated.

Time passed.

I was looking for you. I saw you at the back seated with her. My heart stopped beating for a moment. I was jealous.

"Guys, pack-up!"

I fixed my things. When I stood, I didn't find you at first. You were in the back signing the attendance. I went at the back and put back my folder in the shelf. When I looked for you again, you weren't in the room. I thought "You left already? Where are you? I want to talk to you."

Time stopped.

You were outside the room waiting for me.


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